Saturday, April 11, 2009

Its been a long time since i last blogged haha.. many things happened, n e most look forward to event is e upcomin Taiwan trip with my poly frens. haha.. Finally after 3 yrs since we first started e idea. well.. hope everythings goes well.

Well.. lately i'm clearin my offs n leaves, so most of e time i'll be free n at home.. convertin to a zai nan soon. But Dun noe issit due to e too much free time i got or wat, my mind kip tinkin n tinkin non stop.. also dun noe tinkin wat.. jus dat too many things are goin on around me n sumtime i feel dat it'll soon wreck my brain. To be honest, i hate bein alone.. i hate e feelin of bein left out.. i hate it wen i'm useless.. Dun noe wat's gotten into me n all this pathetic feelin is revolving around me.. Wat is e definitions of frens? Can u trust ur frens? Are e ppl u so called frens are jus puttin up an act in front of u? are u living in e world of distrust? hmm.. Issit worthwhile to put in effort to connect n buildup a frenship wif another person? Well.. they can be nice at this moment, but can jus stab ur back if u let ur eyes slipped. Everybody is changing.. for e better? or e worse?

Being too free at home isnt really a good thing.. I looked through e contacts in my phone for many many times.. Who is truely my fren? i noe there is a list of ppl in my contacts i truely considered u my frens n sumone i can trust. But frankly speakin.. e list is short.. its kind of pathetic u noe.. living for 22yrs now, n u only got a such a short list of frens.. So wat if u got big numbers in ur facebook or frenster or myspace. There r numerous times i wanted to ask sumone for advices or sumtime is jus meet up for a meal.. well.. i dun noe who to call... Well.. everyone is busy wif their stuff so cant blame them cos sumtime is really too last min for them. But in some cases.. it plannin b4 hand.. but u can sense e reluctancy in thier reply evenin they try to hide it so well.. too bad... my sensitvity lvl is high at times.. These so called frens... sumtime i'm quite fed-up wif it.

Well.. i guess i've wasted majority of my 22yrs on this earth... I did nt try to increase my social netwrk more wen i got e chance... regrettin it nw.. Socialisin skills thus became one of e hardest things to me.. I dun hav much frens.. n i'm jus another pathetic fools on earth.. hopefully i dun end up wif nth n thus became e loneliest man on earth..

Bless those whom considered me as ur fren.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

wow.. super long nv update le. LOL. well well well.. CNY is jus around the corner so is my 22th bday haha.. This year is abit special cos my bday falls on CNY eve. haha.. most of us will be havin reunion dinner but this yr me is reunion dinner n bday dinner tgt. haha.. well theres always first time for everything. Some great happenins since my last post.

1) New Year Countdown
2) Taiwan trip confirmed!! April 25th to May 3th
3) ORDin Soon! june 05 i will get my pink ic!! yes! cant wait..

Well pics pics

Friday, December 26, 2008

Hey peeps, so long nv update liao, now its like 1hr after the end of Christmas. Anyway this dec has been a nice one. Clearin leave n off till song, but did some duties like on christmas eve in which.. omg. sian.. then e nxt one will be on New Year Day itself... wat a nice day ya. damn... oh well no choice la. sian... but anyway its been a fun mth till now.. though i haven really start my christmas celebration, well which is today, 26th of dec. My darlin pq n wx will be comin over to my place for so Wii action lols. well, hope it will be a fun day. Sat 27th will be e bbq which we suddenly organise at jon's hse for christmas. lol. Wat we say must do de, i suggest.. then i organise lor.. haha... Organisin commitee ALWAYS n WILL NV change is Me n Sy.. U noe plannin things for a grp of ppl is tiring la. alamak... but if me or sy nv step in to plan... haiz... then things will nv be done in e rite way, thus lead to a cui event or totally no event LOL. Anyway, sun 28th will be meetin yr. Well, this yr most headache things is e buyin of gift for me poly gang. si bei jia lat ar... so hard to buy de lor.. haiyo. but still, i manage to settle it. lol.

I did manage to meet up wif e most busy n tiring gal, miss jean. haha.. was fun to be able to meet her n we did some catchin up n dig out some hot news frm her. haha.. ai mei guan xi ar. haha.. u can say me undergrd relationship i dun care haha.. enjoy ur beraks at hainan tao ba. hope u remember to buy me some gift. (fingers cross hehe...)

Christmas.. hmm.. It may be fun n joyful for most of us but yet to some ppl, chirstmas is quite a sad n lonely one. Well, for me this yr is a bit unusual.... Erm, cannot explain much though i really wanted to, but to some of u out there, i got tell u e story n ya, jus a few lucky one to hear e exciting story. I guess i able to get e golden horse award liao. haha.. though sy suggest i can apply for oscar award. lol... but well.. i really hope dat Miss X will be able to get over this prob asap n regain her true happiness again. jia you ba, i will always be there for u de. I'm jus a phone call away haha.. cheers.

Lastly, a merry chirstmas n a happy new year to all u peeps out there. Hav fun n be safe ya. haha...

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Dec 7, Standard Chartered Marathon 2008. Well, signed up for e 21.1km run for dun noe wat reason.. seriously.. i dun noe haha... on impulse maybe. oh well. Almost didnt want to go run cos elaine n donovan LAST MIN pang sei.. haiz.. but oh well, lucky zhe wei got go run. N got to make a new frens, eugene. Well. It took me 3hrs to finish runnin e race. Eugene n his wife took a bit longer, n zhe wei quite a bit longer.. haha.. but oh well, really e atmosphere in runnin this kinda marathon is amazing. Everyone is so excited n enthu then some lame lame cheerin along e way. haha.. 100plus water point is e best. Really is a test of endurance cos i am bearin e risk of my leg crampin anytime after e 13km mark.. damn.. haha.. so is walkin more n more + runnin less n less.. haha.. Nevertheless complete it le n got e medal lol. Maybe will join nxt yr de ba. see how.. haha...

Monday, December 01, 2008

291108 was a fun day. Wen on a 1 day trip to msia wif 3 pretty ladies haha... they are my sis, n my 2 lovely fren pq n yr. Slept 3hrs n i got to wake up at 4.25am. haha.. prep myself n after my godfather fetch all of us frm cck, yishun n amk, we head dwn to golden mile complex whr e meetin point for e trip is. Kinda surprising to see Lots of ppl already at GMC early in e mornin sia, so many family n ppl goin on desaru n gentin trips. So envious.. i wanna go gentin.. haiz.. but oh well. Anyway, we did a check in at 6am n e bus left for Tua custom at 6.30am. First stop is a place call Peling (anyhow spell de...) for breakfast. well, had some dim sum though jus very normal compare to those super duper nice on we had in sg but its cheap. Travel to a seaside area for lunch at 11.30am, but b4 dat 4 of us wen for photo takin session. haha.. we also found a GIGANTIC lobster! lol. well after lunch is Ostrich Farm visit. Had a close contact wif ostrich n its eggs, fun n educational. Nxt is Desaru Fruit farm, yet another educational tour haha... But had fun takin funny pics along e way. after this is dinner time.. but b4 dinner, we wen to a shoppin center, erm... kinda chui mall though.. well... had a waffle there. The waffle is much better then those sold in sg though. haha... but overall e shoppin thing is still zzzz... anyway. After dinner is boat ride to see firefly, the main thing of the trip. Well, its my 3rd time seein firefly though haha.. but still it kinda interestin to see it again. Seein firefly is quite a romantic thing but seein it wif a stranger beside u is nt romantic at all.. damn... so freakin turn off. sian 3/4. oh well. haha.. wat done cant be undone. lol. anyway, lunch n dinner we share table wif a family of 4. So freakin ke qi durin lunch. haha.. quite paisae, but well dinner is quite alrite liao at least we all got talk abit. Oh ya, lunch is baby lobster(main attraction of e day.) n some other dish like crabs n steam fish.. but dinner is much nicer though. lol. Well.. let e pics do e talkin shall we. haha..

Presentin.. For ONE TIME only... Alex's Levitation... Enjoy.. Muahahaha...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wohoo.. 25th Nov marks e start of my 1 week leave. hehe... But b4 i able to enjoy this breaks, some suay stuff kip befallin on me.. oh man.. most jia lat is e split of my canvas shoe n slippers!!! ARGH... broke liao n everything seems to be spoilin. haiz... got to get a new pair of shoes n slippers. hmmmm... but after e suayness gd things do happen haha... Well, i finally pass my Combat shoot! wohoo.. 48/48 shots. Marksman hehe.. + $200 bucks.. but dun noe wen e money will come.. pls pls. come early..

Anyway.. 14th finally had a gatherin of me, wx n pq. haha.. to celebrate upcomin of wx n pq. Nxt e 19th we went hse crashin! haha.. brought cakes to PQ hse, Surprise! haha.. 25th, Threesome at ECP (wx, belle n me) -> 3hr of cycling action.... SHAG AR.. haha... Nv ever cycle against e wind.. peng... haha... Well, another hse crashin at e end of e day, this time is wx's hse lol.

Frens forever Wx n PQ n Alex - 6yrs frenship n still counting! (wx n pq already 7yrs though lol) Belle n Alex - 3yrs n still counting too!

well.. lets e pics do e talkin now ba.

19th Nov


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

All set finally i can get out of this small island for a walk.. though its jus a 1 day trip. haha.. well.. its on Nov 29, a 1day lobster n firefly tour thingy. Goin there will pq n yr. hmm.. wanna drag one more person along. At least even number, all of us got a company while sittin in e bus. oh well we shall see. Cant wait for e last week of Nov. Finally can clear some off n leave, e main thing is gettin out of dat camp..

Its gettin more n more pathetic ever since e new 2ic came in. Well, talk big but nth much is done + volunteer for loads of shit job for us. Wat is rong in his pathetic mind. Dont tink we dun noe dat u smoke in e office, sourcin more info on other behind our back like one pathetic PI, Act frenly, n askin for suggestion n opinion but fail to register it into ur brain (so wats e point in askin wen u dun bother to listen? Well, another act of urs.) Well, at least we left wif bout 1/2 a yr till e day we regain freedom. I pity e remainin personal + e new one comin in soon. Gd luk.